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2 Bedroom Sets That Work Great in Airbnbs

Those first couple weeks after closing on a new Airbnb investment property can be madness. You have dozens, perhaps hundreds of items to buy.

From refrigerators, appliances, tables and chairs for your kitchen to bed frames, dressers, nightstands and mattresses in your bedrooms. Not to mention all the decor and other touches involved (we usually do some painting and a few small projects).

It’s nice to be able to buy a package deal where you get a unified look for a good price to ease the burden of all those purchases.

And that’s exactly what a great bedroom set does for your Airbnb.

The Most Important Thing In An Airbnb

My wife Kate and I have been hosting for more than 5 years now, and as much as it pains me to say this, the most important thing in making your Airbnb successful is the interior design. It pains me to say this because that’s my wife’s job. If I’m honest with myself, she’s the reason we’ve done so well.

Sure, you have to be a decent host with a clean space and provide all the amenities that you promise in your listing.


The difference between Airbnbs that do pretty good and Airbnbs that do amazing is the design. It’s how luxurious and beautiful your interior looks that’s going to make guests say WOW.

Your guests will pretty much make up their mind as to how good your place is within 10 seconds of walking in.

Does your place look amazing? Is it clean? Does it feel like you just walked in to an awesome and comfortable vacation home?

If it does then you’re already 75% of the way towards a 5-star review.

What to look for in a bedroom set

So now that we have that out of the way, the number one thing we look for when buying bedroom furniture is the design. It needs to fit the feel of the room and it needs to look great.

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But, there are a few other things we look for as well:

  1. Looks great, fits interior design (already covered this)
  2. Doesn’t look fake – Ideally it would be make of real wood, but that often means a high price tag, so just good quality materials are sufficient.
  3. Sturdy and durable – You don’t want to buy something that will break in less than 2 years
  4. Affordable – It’s hard to make money with your short term rental if you’re spending too much furnishing it.

So as we go through these three bedroom sets, these are the things to keep top of mind.

Being Honest About How We Furnish Our Bedrooms

Here’s the thing, we have designed and furnished like 12 bedrooms between all our Airbnbs, and we have never bought a bedroom set.


Well mostly because Kate likes to go deal hunting. Since we basically buy a new house for Airbnb every year now, she is always keeping an eye out for great furniture. She goes to estate sales, visits the antique mall near us and also scours the web all year round. And if she finds something she just buys it then and there.

So anytime we buy a new house and need to furnish the bedrooms, we already have parts of the bedroom set bought.

We have no need to buy the whole set because we usually only need one or two pieces (typically the bed frame and mattress and maybe one other thing).

Usually, I like to recommend items that we’ve bought and used in our listings for at least 2 years.

I can’t do that today.

Today I’m recommending items only based on reviews and based on the experiences we’ve had buying all kinds of items for our Airbnbs over the years.

The 2 Best Bedroom Sets for Airbnb

OK now that we have that out of the way, let’s get started. To be honest, it was not easy to find high quality, affordable bedroom sets, but I was able to find 2 that fit all my criteria.

3-Piece Seaside Lodge Queen Bedroom Set

  • Comes with a bed frame, dresser and nightstand
  • Nice, clean off-white look
  • Durable and affordable

This 3-piece bedroom set is just beautiful. Unfortunately, you can’t get it with a King bed, but Queen beds are great for Airbnb as well. While we shoot for at least one King bed in every listing, we have used Queens in the past as well.

Reviews all say that the bed is very easy to assemble and that it looks stunning once it’s done.

From what I’ve read the entire set is made of real wood, not a composite. That means it’s somewhat heavy and may be more of a task to move around, but that also means that it will last much longer. We try to use real wood whenever we can because, not only does it last, but it also just feels more luxurious when you’re opening drawers.

Given the overall quality of the product, I can say confidently that the price is very reasonable. You’re likely saving a few hundred dollars by purchasing the entire set together.

3-Piece Home Styles Queen Bedroom Set

  • Comes with a bed frame, dresser and nightstand
  • Three color options
  • Durable and affordable
  • Can get with King bed

This Home Styles set is eerily similar to the Seaside Lodge set that we just looked at. It looks gorgeous, it comes with a bed frame, dresser and nightstand, and it is made of real wood.

I would say that overall the visual aesthetic of this set is a step below, but it still looks great.

However, this set offers a few more things than the other one. The biggest in my opinion is that you can get a King bed frame. But if you choose this option you will not get the dresser, only the nightstand.

Also, there are two more color options, black and cherry. We’ve used black bedroom furniture in the past and it can work wonderfully in certain rooms, but generally white or off-white are our go-to colors.

Overall, from what I can tell this bedroom set is a group of high quality products for a slightly lower price.


Again, we’ve never actually bought a bedroom set for any of our Airbnbs. But I can’t deny that the combination of matching furniture and better prices makes for a compelling argument.

If you’re starting from scratch (and your partner doesn’t shop for furniture year round!), then a bedroom set might be exactly what you need.

Happy investing.


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