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Superhost Picks The Best Duvet Covers For Airbnb

The best duvet covers for your Airbnb is affordable, easy to put on a comforter (and easy to remove), and is durable enough to last a few years.

Duvet covers can protect your comforters from accidental damage from guests. They can also make it easier and cheaper to redesign your bedroom when the need arises.

You may think of duvets as a luxury, a needless extra, and to be honest I used to believe that myself. But time and experience as an Airbnb host has taught me that they are actually an investment in your listings. It just takes one guest to ruin bedding, and as a host you’re always happier to replace a duvet than an entire comforter.

Our Experience With Duvet Covers

If I’m honest with you, before meeting Kate, I had never even heard of a duvet cover. And if I’m honest with myself, I never understood the value of interior design before we opened our first Airbnb.

As it turns out, the number one thing potential guests are looking for in a short term rental is the design. Even if they don’t know that’s what they’re looking for.

As potential guests browse listings in the area they’re looking to travel, they don’t click on one unless the photos intrigue them.

So, long story short, design matters.

And that’s the primary function of a duvet cover (but not the only function).

Design variety, protection and money savings

The comforter on your beds can be nice and look great in your bedroom space, but without a duvet cover it’s completely exposed.

Now we love our Airbnb guests and at least 95% of them are just wonderful, but we’ve had a few problem guests as well.

I won’t tell the whole story (another time maybe), but we had a particularly messy guest once and they had spilled nail polish on one of our beds. We were unable to remove the stain and could no longer use the comforter as it was.

But instead of having to throw it out, we just bought a duvet cover and covered up the stain. Instead of spending $40-$100 on a nice new comforter, we spent $20-30 on a duvet cover!

Duvet covers are more than just an opportunity to redesign your bed on the cheap. They are also a protection plan for your comforters and a way to save some money in the long run.

Should You Wash Duvets After Every Guest?

Duvet covers are a part of your bed sheets, right? Sort of.

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We wash the fitted sheet, flat sheet and pillow cases on every bed used by guests when we clean our units. But we don’t wash duvets between every guest.

For maximum cleanliness, it’s probably best practice to always wash the duvet. But in order to run a successful business you sometimes have to make sacrifices. And this is one corner that we do cut.

It’s time consuming and difficult to remove the covers and put them back on. And they are big sheets, so it will often add another load of laundry. All this could add 30 minutes and $20-30 of cleaning expenses (maybe more for you).

I would say we wash our duvet covers once every 4-6 weeks. This feels like a good compromise between convenience for our cleaners and cleanliness for our guests.

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The 3 Best Duvet Covers in Our Airbnbs

If you know my wife, Kate, then you know she’s always looking for a deal. We’ve had at least a dozen different duvet covers in our listings at one point or another.

These three have stood the test of time, are relatively easy to put on your comforter, and are affordable.

Bedsure Solid Color Duvet

  • Comes in 13 different colors
  • Actually used in our Airbnbs
  • Easy to put on comforter, easy to remove
  • Good durability

There’s really not a lot to say about these three duvet covers as they’re pretty interchangeable as far as I’m concerned.

Some duvet covers will be difficult to get on and off your comforter, or will start to fray quickly. Some are bulky and take up too much space in the washing machine. There are a few minor issues you can run into with duvets, but all three of these avoid the issues we’ve run into.

This was one of the first duvets we used and it’s still going strong after more than 4 years in use!

JELLYMONI Striped Duvet

  • Striped design, comes in 14 different colors
  • Actually used in our Airbnbs
  • Easy to put on comforter, easy to remove
  • Good durability

Again, all three of these duvets are great. The two main differences with the JELLYMONI duvet is the striped design, which Kate likes to use sometimes, and the fact that the material is a little thicker and more substantial.

I think this duvet comes off a little more luxurious because of the feel and the thickness.

We use this product on a full bed in the second Airbnb we bought and it’s been in use for I think 3 years now. It’s still in great shape!

Nestl Solid Color Duvet

  • Comes in 44 different solid colors (more bright and bold colors)
  • Actually used in our Airbnbs
  • Easy to put on comforter, easy to remove
  • Good durability

We do have a King sized Nestl duvet in the unit we bought in 2019, so as of this writing it’s been in use for about 2.5 years.

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We got a white one, and I honestly have a slight preference for the feel of the Bedsure duvet. It’s just a bit softer.

But the Nestl is still a great product, it’s durable and easy to get on/off your comforter. The big difference maker here is the larger selection of colors. Sometimes you just need something bolder than a white, grey, beige, etc. and the Nestl duvet has you covered.


The good news is it’s actually pretty hard to go wrong with a duvet cover. We’ve used at least a dozen over the years and for the most part we haven’t had many issues.

The three I’ve listed avoid all the minor inconveniences we’ve encountered:

  • Difficulty getting the duvet on/off the comforter
  • Too bulky, takes up too much space in the washing machine
  • Starts to fray on the edges

These three comforters all look great, they’ll do exactly what you need them to do and won’t cause you any headaches.

Happy investing.


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