Best Luggage Racks for Your Airbnb Guests

Most of your Airbnb guests will be living out of their suitcase while they stay with you. If they are forced to keep their suitcase on the ground then that will be a real inconvenience for your guests. This is why we keep luggage racks in all our Airbnbs.

Choosing the best luggage rack for your space isn’t rocket science, but there are a few things I like to keep in mind when we buy one for a new listing.

social games or putting a grill outside. But if most of your guests aren’t young anymore, then they will definitely appreciate having a convenient place to put their bags.

Consider your available space

Again, a luggage rack is not your most important amenity. You should prioritize the most important items in the space you have. We buy a king bed anytime I have the space and we make sure to get a comfortable mattress. You need a TV and a coffee bar.

If you’ve stocked your place with the essentials and there is still room for some extra luxury, then absolutely, get your guests a luggage rack. And keep in mind that many of these racks can fold to take up minimal space, usually about as much space as a TV tray.

It will be a real convenience for some of your guests.

Picking the Right Luggage Rack

Here are the items I consider when I choose a luggage rack:

  • Durability – you need something that will last for years
  • Design – great interior design is one of the hallmarks of a top tier Airbnb, don’t compromise here
  • Price – obviously you want something affordable
  • Features – not all luggage racks are created equal

There isn’t a one size fits all here. I’ll share what has worked for us, but you always need to consider your unique location, space and the types of guests you host.

Wooden Mallet Straight Leg Rack

We use this model in two of our listings and it’s been perfect and keep it in the closet which is clearly accessible, so if a guest decides they want to use it they can just pull it out and use it. We bought this luggage rack when we opened our first Airbnb more than four years ago and it’s in as good of shape now as when we first bought it.

It’s light and easy to set up, and has no problem with heavy bags. This product also comes with a one year warranty.

I’ll be honest, we’ve never gotten any feedback from a guest about the luggage rack, but I think that’s OK. Generally, the only feedback we get about anything is when a guest truly LOVED something or there was a problem. It’s hard for me to imagine a guest raving about a luggage rack, so in this case I consider no feedback a good thing.

Homemaid Bamboo with Shoe Rack

  • Works as a design piece
  • Comes with space to store shoes
  • Can’t easily be stored away
  • Stands 18 inches tall
  • 300 pound capacity

We use this rack in our luxury listing and keep it permanently at the foot of the bed in the master bedroom. It’s basically just a higher quality, better looking version of the Wooden Mallet straight leg rack.

The 75 pound weight limit and the solid wood construction make this an incredibly durable luggage rack. It should have no problem lasting for five to ten years.

Again, there is no assembly required here and it is stored very easily, meaning even if space is tight you should be able to find a place to keep it.

There’s really not much else to say, we’ve used it, it’s been in the listing for over two years now and we’ve never had a complaint or a problem. We’ve had a few guests that were rough on the home, but this luggage rack is still in perfect condition.


A luggage rack will never be a make or break item in your Airbnb, but there’s no doubt that it can ease the burden of living out of a suitcase for your guests. I will always recommend a luggage rack to hosts that have lots of older guests, and if you have the space it’s a worthy addition to any short term rental.

Just ensure that when you choose a luggage rack you get one that is very durable and doesn’t clash with the rest of your interior design.

Happy investing.


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