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Best, Most Durable Pull Out Couch For Airbnb

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The best pull out couch for an Airbnb is one that is easy for your guests to operate, but difficult for them to break.

It turns out that most pull out couches are quite easy to break. And once they break, they are impossible to repair.

But there are some designs that are much easier to use. They have few moving parts and they are easy to use. Guests will intuitively know how to operate them so your couch won’t break, and it will last for years to come.

Our Pull Out Couch Broke After 6 Months

We bought a bad pull out couch.

The first property we bought to list on Airbnb had 2 bedrooms. That means a maximum of 4 guests. We wanted to be able to host more than 4 guests, so we decided to put a sofa bed in the living room.

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Honestly, it worked great for a while, but one day we got a call from our guests. They got the bed out, but they couldn’t get it to fold back up.

The joints that kept the bed on track were busted.

To this day we don’t know how it happened, and we don’t even know which of our guests caused the damage.

You don’t want to end up like us.

That’s why I suggest avoiding the traditional pull out couch/sofa bed. The traditional mechanism used in pull out couches is somewhat fragile and impossible to repair. You want a durable mechanism that can actually be repaired if it breaks.

With that in mind, here are my recommendations.

First Recommendation: Daybed with Trundle

A trundle doesn’t have any weird moving parts. It’s either a completely separate bed that slides underneath the couch, or it functions like a kitchen drawer. So the worst that can happen is the trundle comes off its track or the track breaks.

These are things that can be repaired.

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The trundle is just as comfortable as a traditional pull out couch. The trade off is that the daybed and trundle are two beds. It will still sleep two, but those two will be sleeping separately.

Lower Cost: Zinus Eden Twin Daybed and Trundle Set

  • Easy to use, hard to break
  • No moving parts
  • Trundle can be replaced
  • Low price
  • Two twin sized mattresses

You may have to get more creative to make this daybed and trundle set blend in with the design of the interior of your home. However, the price is great ($187 at the time of this writing).

I’ve been sleeping on a trundle bed for the last 5 years every time I visit my in laws and it’s actually very comfortable. The bed is more than 30 years old and still works like a charm. The design on that 30 year old trundle is almost identical to the one on this Zinus Eden set.

Best Value: DHP Halle Daybed and Trundle

  • Simple, clean design that fits most interior decor
  • Simple rolling mechanism on trundle
  • Two twin mattresses
  • 225lb weight limit on trundle

The DHP Halle Daybed and Trundle set is much more aesthetically pleasing. It should fit nicely into the interior of your Airbnb, and it just looks like a couch (some daybeds don’t).

Everything on this set is just simple, intuitive and functional. That’s what I look for inside my Airbnbs. You want your guests to just understand how to use everything in your home without needing help.

Second Recommendation: Sectional Sleeper

If your Airbnb demands higher quality furnishings, or a sectional couch is just perfect for your living area, then a sectional sleeper could fit your needs.

These sectionals can potentially sleep two, but one is more reasonable.

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Again, this style of pull out couch will keep everything simple and hard to break. Easy to use and hard to break is the special formula for anything you put in your Airbnb, and these sectional sleepers fit the formula.

Beware: Lots of sectional sleepers have a metal pull-out mechanism. These sectionals can break just like my pull out couch did and are impossible to repair. I recommend avoiding the “pull-out” sectionals.

Lower Cost: HONBAY Sectional Couch

  • Easy to use, hard to break
  • Simple and clean look
  • Extra storage
  • Sleeps only one
  • Doesn’t fit a traditional bed size (can’t use traditional sheets)

This sectionals look great and I think sectionals feel very luxurious, particularly in front of a TV. They make your Airbnb seem higher end.

To turn this sectional into a sleeper you just push the ottoman up to the rest of the couch. That’s about as simple as it gets, and I can’t think of a way for a guest to mess that up.

There are a few downsides though. While you can probably squeeze two people onto the sleeper, I wouldn’t feel comfortable adding 2 guests to my listing with these sectionals. You should probably only count on one extra guest.

Also, you’ll need to figure out your own way to dress the sleeper, because it won’t work with traditional sheets.

These trade offs are certainly not deal breakers if your sectional can create a better overall experience and take better photos.

Best Value: Best Choice Faux Leather Sectional

  • Easy to use, hard to break
  • Faux leather is durable and easy to clean
  • Sleeps only one
  • Doesn’t fit a traditional bed size (can’t use traditional sheets)

This sectional is very similar to the last one, but it’s faux leather, which of course projects an even more luxurious feel. Not to mention faux leather is very easy to clean.

Our sectional at home is faux leather and it’s like new after years of dog hair/claws/slobber and food spills.

If it fits the look of your Airbnb, I think the faux leather is worth paying a little extra for.

Third Recommendation: Folding Mattress

If you really want to guarantee that nothing on your pull out couch can POSSIBLY break, then a folding mattress is the way to go.

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The big drawback of the folding mattress is that, to me at least, they can look a little cheaper. Almost like it belongs in a college home. But sometimes I’m amazed at what Kate can do with furniture. She has a way of bringing things to life that I never could have imagined.

Low Cost: Millard Folding Mattress

  • Easy to use, hard to break
  • Queen sized mattress
  • Made with high density foam
  • Looks less distinguished

Like I said, it looks a bit like it belongs in a college student’s home.

But here’s the thing, there’s not a single couch on this list that is easier to use or harder to break. You probably don’t want to use this as a centerpiece couch in front of a TV or in the living area. But putting it in a bedroom could make sense.

And this thing is a queen sized mattress, easily and comfortably sleeping two more guests. Some huge positives from a couch that doesn’t look super luxurious.

Best Value: Pottery Barn Sleeper Sofa

  • Easy to use, hard to break
  • Actually looks like a real couch
  • Same simple foldout mattress
  • Can be used as a centerpiece sofa
  • Full sized bed

This Pottery Barn sleeper sofa is the best looking folding mattress couch I’ve found. It’s a folding mattress just like the Millard couch, but it looks like a normal couch.

It also sleeps two on a full sized mattress, which is a bit tighter than the queen sized, but still comfortable for two.


The name of the game in Airbnb is easy to use and hard to break. As Kate and I so painfully found out, the traditional pull out couch is easy to break.

That’s why I’m recommending the daybed with trundle, sectional sleeper and folding mattress designs. None of them have moving parts that your guests can misuse and accidentally break.

And they all still give you the same end result of a traditional pull out couch. Sleep more guests and make more money!

Happy investing.


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