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    Best Airbnb Pillows for Sleeping and Decorating

    There are two kinds of pillows we stock in our Airbnbs: pillows for sleeping and pillows for design. The best sleeping pillows Kate and I have used are the Downluxe down alternative pillows for sleeping. And the best design pillows are completely dependent on the look and feel of your home. I’m going to recall some of our lessons learned and share some of the products we’ve used and others that we are looking to buy when we open our next Airbnb. Pillow-related Lessons Learned From Our Airbnbs Pillows are one of those things that you just seem to need a lot of as an Airbnb host. We put pillows on our couches, and of course pillows on our beds, but we also use decorative pillows on our beds to make our homes feel more luxurious. We usually have two…

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    The Best Lock Box For Airbnb Check-In

    A lock box is one of the best systems for checking in guests at your Airbnb. I’ve been storing physical keys in a lock box on the premises of our listings for several years now with great success. We use our lock boxes as a backup to our primary check in process, but they’ve been hugely important in guaranteeing a great check in for every guest. Today, I’ll share with you the lock box we use, and one lower priced alternative. So let’s get to it. Two Uses For a Lock Box I think there’s a good argument that every Airbnb should have a lock box on site. If you’ve stayed in many short term rentals while traveling, then you’ve likely gained access to your accommodations using a lock box a few times. One of the challenges of hosting is…

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    How To Do Airbnb Market Research For Free

    Today I want to walk through the process that Kate and I have been using to do Airbnb market research using only the internet and the Airbnb website. We've been looking to buy another short term rental investment property outside of our home town, and we have a few cities that we're looking at. This is the process I've been using to determine how many people are using Airbnb in each city, what the level of competition is, and how much I think we could make.

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    How To Use Leverage To Build Wealth

    I majored in physics in college. When I think of leverage in the context of the physical world, I think of turning a small force into a bigger force, typically using a “lever”. With the right lever, you can lift something 10 times your own weight, like this: In the world of money, we also have access to a lever. This lever allows us to buy an asset worth 10 times more than the amount of money we have to invest. This lever is called a loan. The Basic Idea Of Money Leverage Many non-investors around the world leverage their money to buy a home. You can buy a $200,000 home for $20,000 (or less). That’s leverage with money: using a small amount of your own money to purchase something much more expensive. In this scenario, the cost of getting…