How to Record Your Daily Affirmations

“Samsung Voice Recorder” app.

When I downloaded the app, and opened it, the first thing I saw was a red circle.

In the video, he uses the Voice Memos app.

When you open the app, to start recording you just need to press the red circle to start recording. While the phone is recording your voice you should see a time indicator and a sound wave showing what was recorded.

When you’re ready to stop your recording, just press the red button again.

Once your recording is completed it will be listed on the home screen and you can listen to it play back.

Without a phone

Using your phone is super convenient for most people, but there are other ways to record your affirmations and listen to them.

There are devices specifically for recording voices and playing them back.

EVISTR Digital Voice Recorder

This is a big tangent, but I often think of myself as a DIY landlord. When something breaks or goes wrong at one of our investment properties I usually go and try to fix it myself. I’ve learned something, quite painfully.

It’s very painful if I don’t have the right tool for the job.

Have you ever tried tightening a screw without a screwdriver? You can do it. I’ve used butter knives to do it, but once you get the screwdriver you realize how terrible the butter knife was. And when you get an impact driver you realize how terrible the screwdriver was.

That was a long tangent, but basically I’m just trying to say that this


I'm living the path to financial success and sharing everything I learn in this blog. I believe in the power of cash flowing investments, due diligence and time. This is my journey so far.

Before 2016: Just living my life, working full time and trying to get by.

2016: Kate and I start to discuss the possibility of getting into real estate investment. We read books like Rich Dad Poor Dad and listen to the Bigger Pockets Podcast. We find a Realtor and start looking at property. We even make an offer or two, but nothing happens.

2017: Kate and I continue looking for property. We meet with banks and find lenders willing to work with us. In one month (August), we turn our basement into an Airbnb and list it AND we purchase our first long term rental property, which is a triplex. We can't find good tenants for our triplex.

2018: In April, we finally get our first tenant in the triplex, our second in June and get it fully rented in July. Our basement Airbnb makes so much money that in September we decided to buy another property to exclusively rent out on Airbnb. It makes us even more money than the first one!

2019: Kate decides we should put together a mastermind group. So we get in touch with people we know who care about money and start sharing knowledge with each other. Our triplex is profitable, but our two Airbnb properties are making way more money, so we buy another property to put up on Airbnb and VRBO.

2020: Coronavirus hits in March and all the guests booked at our Airbnb properties cancel. We freak out, but after a few weeks everything comes back and we're making money again. Discussion and research from the mastermind group makes me want to investigate online business as an investment strategy. Kate and I started Unbound Investor with plans to purchase a website in 2021.

OK you're all caught up!

I learned everything I know from books, podcasts, conversations with friends and family and of course through real world experience as a cash flow investor. And I'm always pushing to learn more.

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