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My Go To Keurig Coffee Maker For My Airbnbs

I can say with confidence that Keurigs are some of the best coffee makers for your Airbnb. They are easy for your guests to use and they don’t break.

Kate and I have been Airbnb superhosts for over three years now, and we have three listings today. A Keurig coffee maker resides in the kitchen of all three. We have only good things to say about our Keurigs because we’ve bought three and all three are still being used in our listings.

Today I’ll share which models we use and why they’ve been great for us and our guests.

One of our coffee and tea bars
This is the Keurig K-Mini found in the coffee bar of one of our Airbnb listings.

All Our Listings Have a Keurig

Like many things in our Airbnb, we tried a few different coffee makers before we finally found our perfect combination.

We’ve never bought a coffee maker that broke or didn’t work, but we have bought coffee makers that many of our guests didn’t really know how to use. We had coffee makers overflowing and causing messes. And we had guests messaging or calling us asking how to make their coffee in the morning.

It wasn’t until we put in our first Keurig that we found a coffee maker all our guests could use.

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Now we have a Keurig machine in all three of our Airbnbs. We’ve found it to be not just easy for guests to use, but reliable and easy to manage. The Keurig is also great for us because the coffee pods are easy to keep in stock while providing several flavor options for our guests.

If you read my article about our Airbnb coffee and tea bars, you’ll learn that we actually offer our guests more than one way to make coffee. Offering more than one option can help your guests choose the method they are most comfortable with.

Our Usual Keurig: Keurig K-Mini

  • Used in our Airbnbs for more than 2 years
  • Easy for guests to use
  • Makes one cup
  • Fits a small kitchen

Two of our listings have pretty small kitchens, so counter space is at a premium. We use the Keurig K-Mini in these two listings. Not only is the Mini very affordable, but it takes up very little counter space.

This machine’s water reservoir is only 12 oz, which means it must be refilled for every cup of coffee it makes.

This was the first Keurig we bought and put in an Airbnb more than two years ago, and it’s still chugging along. So far we’ve had no problems with either of our Minis. I always say that your Airbnb appliances should be easy to use and hard to break, and this Keurig is both.

There’s honestly not much more to say. I don’t think we’ve ever received a call or message about a guest not understanding how to use a Keurig, although we have had a handful of other small problems (you can read about them at the end of this article).

Our Luxury Keurig: Keurig K-Cafe

  • Used in one of our Airbnbs just under 2 years
  • Makes one cup
  • Has a milk frother
  • Dishwasher safe parts

One of our Airbnbs is marketed as a luxury getaway. The home has more space, more bedrooms, and nicer appliances. We have the Keurig K-Cafe in this listing.

The Mini has a smaller water reservoir, only enough for a single cup. But the K-Cafe has a 60 oz reservoir, which can make several cups of coffee before needing to be refilled.

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This machine also comes with a milk frother, which some of our guests like to use. It’s one of those things that makes your coffee bar seem more complete and luxurious for your guests.

We’ve found the Cafe to be just as reliable as the Mini, and it’s also easy to use for our guests, so we don’t get called about it and we don’t find messes when we come to clean up.

Another Option: Keurig K-Duo

  • Single cup Keurig and 12 cup ground coffee drip
  • Same features as the K-Mini and K-Cafe
  • Not tested in our Airbnbs

I’ll start by saying we’ve never actually used this Keurig K-Duo. Not personally, and not in our Airbnbs.

But one of the drawbacks of the Keurig generally is that it only makes one cup of coffee at a time. If your listing allows for large groups, or even just groups of 4 or more, then your guests would likely benefit from a drip coffee machine.

If 5 or 6 guests want coffee in the morning, then it would be annoying to have to make each cup separately.

The Keurig K-Duo has the same single pod, single cup coffee maker as the Mini and Cafe, but it also comes built in with a traditional drip coffee maker.

If we list a large property in the future that accommodates large groups, we will be putting the Keurig K-Duo in its coffee bar.

What About the Pods?

The defining feature of the Keurig coffee makers is the convenience of the pods. The pods have tons of flavors and make it extremely easy for two or more guests with different coffee preferences to make their own custom cup.

That’s why we try to have pods with a handful of flavors available.

We actually buy our Keurig pods at Sam’s Club, but you can get them online as well.

Solimo is the brand we’ve used the most, but there are a bunch of different brands that make these same style of pods and they are all great. For us it seems to be the French Roast flavor that is drunk the fastest, but they all get used eventually.

Problems We’ve Encountered

1. There’s one drawback to the Keurig K-Mini. Since the reservoir is made for only one cup, we sometimes have a guest put too much water in it. The good news is that this usually just means water on the counter, which is not a big deal.

Still, it can be a minor inconvenience for your or your guests depending on who cleans up the mess.

2. Another mysterious problem we’ve had with our Keurigs is that once in a blue moon someone will tell us that the machine has stopped working. We’ve heard that it simply won’t make coffee, we’ve heard that the coffee is cold, and we’ve heard about some problems with the pods as well.

So far, every time this has happened, it has been a false alarm. We often don’t figure out what happened with the guest, but when we show up to investigate, everything works just fine.

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Again, it’s a minor inconvenience, and I’m not sure you’ll find a single coffee maker that won’t suffer from user errors from time to time.

3. The last thing I’ll mention is that the pods can be a bit wasteful, particularly for larger groups or guests that drink a lot of coffee. We sometimes come to clean and find 6-10 coffee pods in the trash for guests that stayed only a night or two.

I think for smaller groups it can actually be less wasteful, though. For anyone just wanting one cup, it may be the greener option.

We’ve never gotten bad feedback about the pods, but the environmental impact is always important to consider.


Kate and I have never bought a bad Keurig. As far as we can tell, it’s hard to go wrong with the brand.

We’ve bought three Keurig coffee machines since we started hosting more than three years ago (two Keurig K-Minis and a Keurig K-Cafe) and none of them have broken down or caused any major problems.

We highly recommend these machines for your Airbnb because they’ve been great for us!

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