Here are some of our favorite resources for tracking finances, cutting expenses, optimizing your existing business and learning about passive income generators.

Budget – This is a free tool that is great for tracking personal expenses and creating a personal budget. You link up your online banking and it imports all your activity. Not intended for business accounting.

Quicken – This is the software we use for our budgeting and accounting. Similar to mint in that you connect your online banking, but Quicken is paid software and allows for segmentation of your finances and is used by many accountants. This makes it great for businesses come tax time.

Learn Online

Reddit – I (Michael) have a custom reddit feed that is fed by a handful of investing related subreddits I like. r/passive_income, r/airbnb_hosts, r/realestateinvesting, r/juststart and several others.

Bigger Pockets – The website has lots of great information for those interested in real estate investment, but the podcast is the resource we’ve gotten the most out of.

Ahrefs YouTube Channel – Anyone interested in web related investments should absolutely take a tour of the ahrefs YouTube channel. Some of the most actionable and useful information on promoting websites.


Here are a few of our recommended reading lists by category. They are all available as audiobooks as well, if you prefer to listen to your books.

Personal Finance & Investing

Psychology of Wealth & Success

Real Estate Investing