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The 2 Best Comforters We’ve Used For Airbnb

The best comforter for your Airbnb is one that fits your bed, fits in with your bedroom’s interior design, is durable and doesn’t break the bank.

The reality is that there are dozens of comforters that fit this description, but there are also some that can cause minor headaches for you.

Today, I’ll share two blankets that we’ve used in our short terms rentals and have served us well for many years. I can’t promise you that they are “The Best,” but I can confidently tell you that they have been great for us.

Our Comforter Method

We host Airbnbs in a part of the country where temperatures fluctuate from well below freezing to about 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius). This typically means that our guests will want very warm comforters in the cold months and a different, cooler option in the warmer months.

As such, we typically have two comforters for each of our beds.

One for the cold months and one for the warmer months.

Keeping comforters clean with duvet covers

One of the more important factors in getting great reviews is how clean your place is. Ideally, you would have freshly laundered sheets for every guest’s arrival. And that also includes the comforter.

The reality is that washing comforters is a serious pain. So we rarely wash our comforters.

Instead we use duvet covers to protect our comforters (and make it easy to redesign our bedrooms). We tend to wash only the duvet covers instead of the entire comforter.

But even duvets can be a pain to wash. There’s really no convenient way to keep your comforter clean and freshly washed for every guest.

So we typically wash our duvet covers every 4-6 weeks and our comforters 1-2 times a year. This seems to be a good compromise between cleanliness and convenience.

What Makes a Good Comforter?

So we look for a few things when picking our comforters. The truth is that you’d have a hard time making a big mistake when buying a comforter.

But years of running our short term rentals have shown us a few things that can go wrong:

  • Comforters can be too thick, making it difficult to put on a duvet cover and difficult to fit in a washing machine
  • Comforters can be poorly made, and after a few months of use you may see frays or worse a hole that must be patched.
  • Comforters can be too small to cover the sheets underneath, which ends up looking unprofessional

How big should your comforter be?

Probably our most common problem with comforters has been the size. We have at least one King bed in all our listings, and some of the comforters we’ve bought just aren’t quite as long or wide as we’d like them to be.

If your comforter is too short or too narrow, then you may be able to the flat/fitted sheets underneath it. And while this doesn’t necessarily look bad, it can sometimes look unprofessional.

So here’s a little table to make sure you get a comforter that will be big enough.

Bed SizeMattress LengthComforter LengthMattress WidthComforter Width
King80 inches102 inches76 inches92 inches
Queen80 inches92 inches60 inches88 inches
Full75 inches86 inches54 inches84 inches
Twin75 inches86 inches38 inches68 inches
Recommended comforter sizes

92 inches wide for a comforter on a King bed can be a little narrow, so if you want something wider you may have to go up a size(to an Oversized King for example).

Best Comforters We’ve Used

These are the two comforters we’ve had the best results with in our Airbnbs. One is for colder months and the other is for warmer months.

Cold Weather – LINENSPA Quilted Down Comforter

  • Used and tested in our Airbnbs
  • Perfect for cold weather
  • Plenty of dimensions available
  • Several colors/patterns available
  • Durable, stitched design keeps comforter fluffy longer

We’ve used this LINENSPA quilted comforter on a few different beds. I can’t say that any comforter has ever stuck out as being “amazing” or anything like that, but this one checks all the boxes and is affordable.

You can choose from 8 different sizes, including the classic Twin, Full, Queen and King sizes. If you want a bigger comforter for your bed you can always just go up a size: get a King comforter for a Queen bed or an Oversized King comforter for a standard King bed.

As long as you pay attention to dimensions, you should have no trouble matching a duvet cover to this comforter, putting it on and taking it off.

The comforter has proven to be durable in our listings, lasting 3 and 4 years with little noticeable wear.

Overall, if you need a cold weather comforter, you really won’t go wrong with this one.

Warm Weather – Amazon Basics Reversible Quilt

  • Used and tested in our Airbnbs
  • Perfect for warmer weather
  • Only 3 sizes available
  • Each quilt is reversible with 2 different patterns
  • Several different patterns combos available

I’ll say this again, it’s hard to go wrong buying a comforter, but there are some minor inconveniences you can run into. I’m recommending this Amazon Basics quilt not because I think it’s absolutely the best on the market, but because we’ve used it in our listings and it’s been a very solid, durable and practical blanket and it’s affordable.

This comforter only comes in three different sizes, so be sure you can find a size that works for your bed before buying.

As the temperatures warm up in our area we will typically take off the thicker comforter and replace it with a thinner one like this Amazon Basics quilt.

Also, the quilt has a solid side and a patterned side. It’s nice to be able to get a slight bedroom redesign simply by flipping over the blanket.

Overall, this blanket is exactly what you need in a warm weather comforter and it’s very affordable.


In the end, your comforter decision isn’t going to make or break your Airbnb business. There are much more important things, like your reviews and photos, your check in process and your mattress choice.

But picking the right comforters can save you some minor headaches.

The two comforters I’ve listed I can recommend because they’ve stood the test of time in our short term rentals and haven’t created any problems for us. And that’s really all you need from a comforter.

Happy investing.


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