The Best Safe For Your Airbnb Guests (And You!)

Airbnb needs a safe, but I can say from experience that your guests visiting from outside the country will benefit from one. They will likely be traveling with important documents, like passports, and are also more likely to be traveling with cash.

The best safe for your guests can be programmed with a custom code (by them) and, of course, must be secure.

Our Airbnb Safe Experience

We don’t provide safes for our guests, but I have been to a few Airbnbs that did have a safe.

Kate and I live and operate our Airbnbs in the U.S. I don’t recall ever staying in a U.S. based Airbnb with a safe, but we have had safes in our rentals outside the states.

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The most memorable for me was my honeymoon. Kate and I spent a week in Bali, Indonesia in an amazing Airbnb. The money system there was quite a bit different from our own, so we were traveling not only with our passports, but also with quite a bit of cash.

Obviously we didn’t want to be out and about with all that cash. We ended up storing our extra cash and our passports (we carried copies of our passports) in the safe provided for us.

I was very thankful for that safe and we used it every day for the duration of the trip.

Safe For Your Guests

The most important thing when choosing a safe for your guests to use is burglary protection. I don’t think there’s much benefit to providing a waterproof or fireproof safe.

So with that in mind let’s look at two good options.

AmazonBasics Steel Security Safe

This safe is very much like the one we had at our Airbnb in Bali. It has both a keyed entry and a code that can be programmed by guests. The benefit of the code is that your guests can set it themselves and take the key, which should guarantee that no one else can get into the safe.

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This is a small safe, but guests will generally be storing money and papers. Possibly jewelry.

This safe can be bolted to the floor or wall, which is ideal because then the safe itself cannot be stolen.

It’s a super affordable safe, and it will be secure from buglary, which should be your guests number one priority.

SereneLife Safe and LockBox

  • Programmable code
  • Keyed entry
  • Two door bolts
  • Can mount to floor or wall
  • NOT waterproof or fireproof

This safe is rated to endure 1700°F (930°C) for one hour while protecting documents, CDs, USBs and other valuables. It is also rated to keep the contents of the safe dry for one hour in 8 inches of water.

This safe has all the features of those we looked at for your guests. It’s fireproof and waterproof, but it has a few extra features.

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First, it’s just bigger which should allow you to easily store documents along with jewelry, electronics and anything else you want to protect.

Second, it’s much hard to pry open. With four one in bolts in the door and the a pry resistant hinge bar, it will withstand any reasonable physical attempt to break in.

Third, it has a locked box inside the safe, which can be opened only by key. If you have more than one person that knows the code, you can put items only you can access in the locked box.


Not every Airbnb will need a safe. If your listing gets lots of visitors from out of the country, a safe can be a huge benefit to those guests. And if you live in the same house with your guests, you may want to keep a safe for yourself.

Happy investing.


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